Different stiffness of camera and microphone kill switches


Just received my Framework 13 last Friday and I love it so far!

There’s only one minor inconvenience so far, which is a big difference in stiffness of the kill switches at the the top of the bezel.
The one for the camera can be toggled very easily by just using the bottom of my thumb. That’s the resistance I’d expect.
The one for the microphone on the other seems to be very stiff. Toggling it using the bottom of my thumb is not possible. I have to “hook into” the little raise using my thumbnail and apply a fair amount of force, especially when moving it to the “off” position.

Does anybody else experience the same stiffness difference in their kill switches or did I just get unlucky with one of mine?


If it’s a significant bother, I would suggest contacting support.

The switches are mostly part of the bezel, and I believe the firmness comes from their fit within their slot in the bezel. If you’re handy, there might be a burr that’s visible, which you might be able to remove. I think the switches function by having a small piece which will block an optical detector on the camera module, so be careful not to bend or remove that.

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Nope mine are fine. Flat of the thumb with forefinger behind the panel.
As above it may only be the bezel. Take it off and see if they are fine.

The bezel is magnetic, just open 180° and pull from the top. The bottom is a bit sticky as it does have double side tape to keep it tidy.

Replacing is fine

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Have you lifted the bezel before? The plastic switches on the bezel move the actual switches on the microphone & webcam module underneath. If you have messed with that area before, the switches on the module can get flipped to the opposite state of the bezel, which could cause issues. That would be another good troubleshooting step while you wait for support to reply!

Thanks for the responses. It doesn’t really bother me too much as I’m not going to use the kill switches regularly. Just wanted to get an idea whether that’s a common issue and potentially raise awareness to make the Framework an even better product.

Yeah I did, got the DIY model. The resistance is the same when the bezel is off the lid so it’s something inside the switch mechanism.