Dimly lit area of keybord

I just received my 12th gen laptop but noticed that the keyboard backlit is not much dimmer in the middle of the keyboard. Specifically the keys “tyfghvb” are noticeably dimmer. Is this expected behavior, or is there a hardware issue with some of the LEDs?

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I have the V1 gen 11 with no such issue and I can imagine this is by design. You may want to take a picture and contact support officially.

Is it the same at all levels of brightness, there are three levels on my V1 11gen

I have the three brightness levels, but the middle keys are dim on all of them. Here is a picture

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Unless you want to take the laptop apart and look at the keyboard etc. I would contact support as soon as possible.

That’s a very dark image:
Here are a couple
a) No backlight

b) Backlight on full

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It looks like one of the LEDs in the keyboard backlight may be misaligned or not turning on. Could you reach out to the Support team with the image?


Update for anyone with a similar issue in the future.
I reached out to support and the determined there was an issue with the input cover. They are sending out a replacement