Discord Celebration

Hello, everyone,

This weekend, we will be celebrating two extra special milestones on our Discord. One milestone is that we have been accepted into the Discord partnership program! The Discord Partner Program is designed to reward quality, engaged servers with recognition and extra tools to help them invest in their community. The other absolutely incredible milestone is that we have hit a whopping 5k members who have joined the server.

To celebrate, we will be hosting two events this weekend on the 23rd and 24th. On the 23rd, we will be hosting a Party Games game night, and on the 24th, we will be hosting a Q&A with Frameworks Community Manager (me, woo!)

If you’re interested in participating in these celebrations or just wanting to hang out, please join here :arrow_right: discord.gg/Framework

Thank you all so much for supporting the community and making my job so fulfilling and fun! :orange_heart:


We would love to hear how we could celebrate future Forum milestones as well. If you have any ideas, please share them with us :smiley:

That’s awesome @BeeAPeach! Thanks for all you do!

1000th request for AMD? :thinking:


You’ve been officially demoted


:sob: -----

simple : talent show from members

better : make nrp (or any member) ride a bull, a different wild animal (including human) for each milestone

boring : tame a bear till u reach next mile stone

after all, we love animals

9999th request for a touch screen, could also be a quick milestone to reach

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