Framework Discord / XMPP / Matrix chatroom?

Anybody here interested in creating a chat room centered around the Framework laptop, running various OSes, and in general sharing tips and tricks in real time about the laptop?

Forums are great for sharing public knowledge that can be used to benefit others, so we would need to make sure anything shared there can be shared here for posterity. Hahaha.

Just curious if there would be any interest in such a thing. I’m not volunteering to set anything like that up, or at least am not volunteering just yet. :wink:

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This is not an official server, but there is this. It is merged with the unofficial Matrix chatroom


Thanks, I now recall this being posted before. I just forgot about it. Would be cool if this could be pinned, but as it does not have official status (and I don’t think Framework has the manning for another moderation requirement) I suppose it is all well and good.

Thanks for the link, I’m in now.

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There’s a space on Matrix, too:

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