Discrete GPU Unutilised by Framework 16

Using the Framework 16 on windows 11 pro, I’ve already checked all the potential issues, faulty drivers (deleted and reinstalled), Force it through the windows settings (didn’t work). So far the only solution was the nuclear one of just plugging the DisplayPort connection straight into the 7700s. Which isn’t ideal, I want to be able to utilize the 7700s without having to mess with my ports every single time.

As I understand it, the discrete GPU won’t be used until it’s actually needed by something like a game or other graphics program, since the dGPU takes a significant amount of battery power.

If it’s still not being used when you run a modern game, or a graphics program that can take advantage of a discrete GPU, I’d suggest contacting Framework’s support people. The dGPU might not be installed quite right.

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Yeah it wasn’t being utilised by Red Dead Redemption 2 of all things, I’ve contacted support already, hope there’ll be a good solution for it. I do doubt that it was an installation issue as the dGpu’s interconnects are installed by default and I’ve not messed with those

Maybe. A few have come from the factory with minor assembly problems – they’re trying to get thousands of machines out quickly after all, they’re bound to make a few mistakes. Framework Support will probably suggest checking the installation. I’d try describing it myself, but mine hasn’t arrived yet, so I’d have to guess at too much based solely on YouTube videos.

Yeah I’ve played a few other games and have had other issues, for example i’ve been playing Battlefield 2042 and like for the first 10 or so minutes, amazing time, 200 fps I’ve never had anything run this well, next thing I know it’s running like 20 fps for the rest of the session. Just checked it out and it’s the cpu thermal throttling because the fans can’t keep it in check.