Display flickering on the left side (and brightness issues)

Hello all,

I recently received my Framework laptop DIY Edition (it is batch 6). After assembling, I booted it up and there was already something wrong with the display. The left side was brighter than the right. This was before any OS was installed, so it is definitely a hardware problem. Please see the attached picture


(I have two more pictures with a slightly different angle, but can’t post it due to being a new user)

During the OS installation, the left side was flickering, as in its brightness is fluctuating. This happened without physical interaction with the device (I use an external keyboard). Lightly tapping on the screen will also cause it to flicker. The left side consistently ends up with higher brightness; seems it was trying to change its brightness to be equal to the right but failing.

I installed the Fedora i3 spin (remember this first occurred in first boot, before any OS was installed). During the setup there was nothing too wrong, some flickers here and there, but it was gone after a light tap.

After setting up the OS, the flicker was gone and a light tap no longer does anything. I tried tapping slightly harder, touching the monitor and the lid, and the left side got brighter again.

I was able to play around with changing the screen brightness. The right side response as expected, but the left side only responds to an increase in screen brightness. It refuses to decrease brightness. Flickering itself seemed to be rarer.

The display went to sleep when I was typing this and now it’s gone. Wasn’t able to replicate the flicker any more, even for firmer taps. It appears again if I twist the display. The twist is an unnatural motion, but probably not hard to do accidentally while on the move.

What do you think? Sounds like a lose connection to the display on the left side to me. I still have another perfectly functional device, so I am willing to test more, fix some wiring, replace the display, or return it. Since it first occurred in first boot, I don’t think my OS or any settings is the cause, so I don’t think installing another OS will work.

If this is relevant, I am in the UK so the package was forwarded by Stackry - no problems during delivery and no problems with the package condition.

Let me know if I can provide any more details. Thanks.

Update: it seemed to have resolved itself. Taps and light twists no longer trigger it, and I’m not going to twist it hard… Hopefully there won’t be accidents.