Bottom part of my screen started flickering and support ghosted me

Hi everyone,

I’ve had my framework 13, 11th gen DIY edition for almost a year but two month ago, the bottom part of my screen start flickering weirdly
(as show in the video here: Framework support - Google Drive)

This bug persist in the BIOS, in linux and windows. After trying to unplug and replug the display the issue persisted, however on external screen there was no issue.

I contacted support on september the 27th, they asked me standard question, then asked for picture of the issue, I sent them this google drive link and haven’t heard from them since then, I tried sending them the email again, in case they did not received it, but still nothing. It’s now been a month since their last email on octobre the 12th, and my issue persist. I’ve bought this laptop to be able to easily fix issue like this one and I’m somewhat deceived by my experience.

If you guys have any idea of what the cause of the problem could be, i’ll be interested.

(Excuse the english mistakes i’m not native)

Hello @Samuel_Vitry,

We were communicating with you pretty regularly and our latest response was on October 12th at 3:12am PT with the following:

"Hi [redacted],

Thanks for your reply.

Upon checking the previous email that you sent, it seems like the pictures were not properly attached and we didn’t receive them. Could you resend the pictures or upload them to Google Drive, then send the link here? This will be used for our documentation and review process.

We appreciate your cooperation and we will be waiting for your reply."

We have not yet received a response to this inquiry and the imagery is required for our review. Can you please respond to our request? Thank you.


Hello @TheTwistgibber

There must have been a mail issue because I sent you this the same day:

Samuel Vitry
And then a salty email on oct 17th

" Hi

I sent you the link a week ago, I’m still wainting on a response…

My screen has been flickering for almost a month…

The reason I bought a framework was to get a good customer support and be able to fix issues without having to wait for month to get in contact with support…

Anyway here is again the link if you missed the last email…

Samuel Vitry

I you want I can send you the email again

Hello @TheTwistgibber,

Am I being rude ? Is there something wrong with my request ? Can somebody help me diagnose the issue ? I am asking for too much ?

Thank you