Display glitches on brand new 12th gen laptop after driver update?

I purchased a new Framework Laptop DIY kit this week. It’s a 12th generation running Windows 11 22H2. I used it for a few days without issues, until I ran the Driver bundle updates. Now I’m seeing a thin portion at the bottom of the display which is glitching out. It appears in the BIOS menu as well.

I’ve tried disconnecting and reconnecting the display, but it hasn’t changed the issue. I didn’t touch the display at all when putting it together, so I’m not sure what else to try? Is there a way to rollback the drivers? Or something else? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Contact Support if you haven’t already. If reconnecting the display didn’t work, and it’s showing up in the BIOS you likely have some sort of hardware issue.

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WIll do! Thank you for the suggestion.