Display issues with fedora

Turned on my laptop today and the content is only taking 2/3rds of the screen. Running fedora as well. Also there appears to be some bleed through on the screen

Does it happen in the BIOS, too? If so, I would reach out to Framework through their contact form. I also had issues with my display, and they were good about getting it replaced.

Yes happens with bios as well when I press F2

That’s a hardware issue. Please contact support. Framework | Support

How very wierd.

I replaced an LCD panel today, the original had the image missing from the right quarter of the screen - literally the other side of the screen to Robert_Pierce’s but exactly the same symptom.

Both the customer (who claimed to have used lots of laptops throughout their career) and I remarked that we’d never seen a panel fail in quite that way before.

I have. A few laptops we had in the field were doing that, including one just delivered to the employee. It was rare though…

But currently my old MSI does that fairly often and it (so far) fixes itself when I close the screen and reopen it… As the screen flexes a lot on this model. Which makes me think it’s a connection on the panel itself that is intermittent.