Residual images on display

Hi –

From the initial boot, and the very first text/graphic, including the ‘framework logo,’ my LCD screen shows residual images, sometimes stacking multiple windows on top of one of each other graphically. Imagine five layers in Photoshop, each set at 65% opacity.

I’m not entirely incompetent, but I have avoided powering the laptop on too much in case there’s some weird voltage/power thing that is further ruining the display. It’s basically been used to install Linux and Windows.

  • I’ve tried Linux (mint) and win10.
  • Reseated the display ribbon cable, but unsure if it’s worth chasing into bezel.
  • Sometimes, though rarely, tilting the display improves and worsens the glitch.
  • fw lcd (3)

Anything I can do besides reach out to support – done – and chase a replacement screen? I haven’t noticed anything amiss internally, but also have yet to remove the bezel and see how the rest of the display ribbon / cable looks.


Yeah that’s sounds like a hardware fault to me, nothing anyone here can do if it is

It’s sounds like you’ve checked all the major hardware components from the ribbon cable to the display and mainboard soooo…yeah

Sorry man