Screen randomly died

I’ve had my framework 13 with the Intel 12th Gen since last May and I’ve been loving it. But unfortunately last Sunday my display just randomly developed this big black spot in the middle of the screen for no reason after I closed it and opened it again in the morning. As per the suggestion of Screen Issues, I tried contacting support the day of it happening and still haven’t gotten any response back. I would like to know if it’s under warranty because if not I need to buy a replacement screen as this laptop is my daily driver. The condition started with just a black line and now it’s just complete glitches, I suspect due to some connections between the display and the driver board coming disconnected. Any help appreciated

Edit: I forgot to mention I tried disconnecting and reconnecting the display cable and I get nothing. It’s a problem with the display itself. Also, the attached photo was taken a few days after the initial problem and it has worsened by then. The original photo looked a lot like the one in the forum post I linked above but it contains an image I can’t post publicly so I can’t attach it.

You should have received an auto-reply letting you know they received your message. If you did, then you’re in the queue.

See this

The length of the warranty depends on are where you live. See Does Framework provide a warranty?

If you’re within your warranty period, you would still need support to troubleshoot it with you and make a determination if it’s covered.

If you think you are out of the warranty period, I’d still suggest seeing what support says first.

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Thank you. I should still be in warranty as I only purchased it last April. I guess just wait until I get a response. Appreciate it

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