DisplayPort Breakout?

Would there be any possibility of getting a breakout or supplementary board for the dedicated video out for the people who want to try more extreme DIY projects?

I’m in the process of developing a 3D printed housing to use a spare motherboard as a desktop computer. Not having to waste one of the four ports on video would be a nice benefit!


I’m not sure what you are asking for, are you asking for a dedicated port built into the laptop? Or something as part of a motherboard transplant? If it’s the latter, why not just ensure room for a cheap USB-C dock in your design?

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There is already a dedicated video out in the form of eDP (it’s the socket you connect the display cable to). I was asking if there is any chance there would be a eDP to DisplayPort adapter developed or sold by the Framework team for additional configuations.

There are a lot of functioning docks out there (I use one) but freeing up another USB-C/Thunderbolt port can be useful.

@Cory_Swauger it looks like products exist already to deliver this functionality and I don’t think Framework will officially support this kind of niche case

They obviously want you to keep parts in service as long as possible and make it as easy as possible for tinkerers such as yourself to well…tinker

So I doubt they will implement display whitelists or any of that garbage but yeah, I doubt they will spend the money to house various bits and bobs