If/when Framework comes out with a touchscreen or any other screen they should make a portable monitor kit

I think if Framework releases a new screen they should come out with a kit that turns your old display into a portable monitor. I would love this as I could use a portable monitor and if they come out with a kit for a portable monitor using the laptops display then it allows the old display to be repurposed which eliminates e-waste. What do you guys think?


I think it’s a great idea because I’ll probably put a touchscreen on it when [not if ;o) ] they come out with one and it would be a shame to throw out my original.

However, it =does= seem quite likely that requires a lot of hardware to convert to DisplayPort or HDMI, etc. from the internal connector. Hopefully that’s something that might already be commercially available that they could just jam into the case/frame or even just spec for people to buy elsewhere. Otherwise it seems like the R&D to design / build something very niche would require =a lot= of people to buy to justify. I’m not sure that I’d expect that many people to do this.

Anyways, I’m completely speculating, of course – just joining the conversation. It’s a good idea for sure – definitely in line with the company mission statement.

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The internal connector is edp, which is just dp with a few extra signals so you would not need any protocol conversion to use a dp display just wire up the right pins to the right places.


There are plenty of EDP (30 or 40 pin) to DisplayPort adapters on AliExpress/Amazon.
Some of them are very compact and accept power+video from USB-C, it’s a tidy and cheap DIY setup:

  • laptop screen (repurposed or bought)
  • board
  • usb c +dp hub
  • cables
  • 3D printed stands
  • aluminum sheet to support screen
    Whole thing under 75$.

Example on Amazon


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Jup as long as they follow one of the de-facto standard pinouts, with edp you can have very different pinouts on the same connector (sometimes destructively incompatible).

There is also the point that actual portable monitors cost like 100ish $ for a 1440p lcd and 2-300 for an oled so it’s not really worth it if you don’t already have a panel you really wanna use (especially when the commercial ones got power pass-through and convenient stuff like that).

I have had this project on my list of potential projects for a while but I’ve had issues with driving the backlight.


You seriously should apply as a maker for Framework and do (your/new) things ! :smile:

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I wish I could, but being 14 and living in Australia makes it impossible. I’m more than capable of doing everything I do currently on my own, so it really wouldn’t be that much more useful.

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