Mainbord screen port to eDP cable

Hi! I’m new on this forum, but I’ve been eyeing framework for quite some time.

I’m planning to use an AMD mainboard for a custom cyberdeck build that ended up being pretty advanced. (I can post some pics tomorrow if anyone is interested).

One pain point I’ve been encountering recently is regarding the screen. I have a small 1920x480 main screen that’s affixed on the cyberdeck, and I plan on having another screen that’s fixated on the cyberdeck, and fully foldable inside it when you’re not using it.

I was initially planning on using the framework screen for it, but as cool as it is, I think the 3:2 aspect ratio will cause space problems for me in the long run. As such, I’m trying to use a different screen for it. Due to the understandable scarceness of usb-c port on the 13" version, I’d rather not use two of them for two different screens.

I searched the forums and saw that there is no plan to bring the mainboard screen port to eDP adapter to the marketplace in the near future. However, the cost of making such a cable in a way that proves robust ends up being very painful (just sourcing the connector is complicated).

So I was wondering two things :

  • Is there a possibility for Framework to punctually sell a cable like this one ? It is financially prohibitive for me to buy a screen and just use the cable, as it would make quite an expensive canle. I am down to buy a whole broken screen assembly, and I see it as a great way to reduce e-waste. If the response is negative (which I would understand), maybe someone in here is down to sell their broken screen?
  • Is there any plans to manufacture motherboards in the future with a more standard screen connector ? There are probably reasons that I don’t see, but I fail to see how using a non standard connector brings stuff to the table

Thank you all for reading this post, and I have no doubt that in the long run, Framework and the community will find a way to make a solid solution for this problem.

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I would try sending a message to support if you haven’t already, and just kindly ask if they would be able to send you just the cable, explain the project you’re working on, and see if they’ll be willing to help you in some way. They really do love to see DIY projects like this, and if they aren’t able to help you, sending the message will at least tell them that this is a part people really want on the marketplace.

If you can’t get one from the source, I would also recommend the resell subreddit r/frameworkmarket. with the new matte screens coming out, there are probably going to be a lot of old glossy screens going up for sale that you may be able to get for a nice discount, or you might be able to find someone there with a broken screen that they will send to you!

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Thanks for the suggestions !

I went on this exact subreddit asking for broken screens, and someone suggested the same thing ! I wasn’t sure support was the right people to bother with my request, but now that I know I will send a message. Hoping that someone will be willing to sell their screen, which you are right to think that it might happen soon !

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@iLambda So you need just the cable from the screen to the mainboard (that comes with the screen)? I have ordered a matte screen and I want to use the leftover screen for something else so I probably don’t need that cable. If you’re not in a hurry I’ll let you know if you can have it.

Yeah that’s exactly what I need ! That would be so great, I’m not in a hurry at all.
Send me a PM, we can sort it out !

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So, I sent a message to support, and got the basic response “These cables are not for sale, if you modify the mainboard it might break your warranty”, and all that kind of stuff. That’s ok, I was kind of expecting it due to one of the posts they made here regarding these cables.

A bit sad I missed the window for the creators program though, I would have loved to be able to get a few components for experimentation.

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That is unfortunate, I was hopeful that they would have recognized that you were trying this for a project and accepted the risks. Maybe if one of the staff members see this thread they can hook you up, otherwise I wish you the best of luck with finding another user’s cable!

This cable mates to the connector on the mainboard:

It has an identical IPEX Cabline-UM connector on both ends (with flipped pinouts!), so you’ll need the board mounted receptacle and a custom PCBA to do anything useful with it.

This is the only mating cable I’ve been able to find that is available in single quantity. Soldering the receptacle by hand can be challenging, but is very doable. I used a paste stencil and a hotplate to reflow it.

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Hey all !
I found a temporary solution to my eDP cable sourcing problems, by finding a contractor job that paid just enough for me to order a Framework 13. I’m very stoked about it, and will use the cable shipped with the screen for my testing purposes.

I plan on buying another screen when the next consulting job comes through, to make a portable thin secondary screen when I’m on the move. I’ll have an eDP cable for the final build then.

I am still interested in people sending the cables that used to be on broken screens, and would now also like to buy any screens if anyone wants to sell one that they don’t have any use for. If nothing comes up, I’ll buy a fresh new one.

Having been able to order the eDP in / HDMI out board I had my eye on, I’ll keep updates in this thread regarding my advances in possibly reverse engineering it to make a brand new DIY version !


Just updating to say that I’ve been so enthralled by my FW 13 for a few months now, that I haven’t really sent updates on this project. I might be able to order another screen soon, so cable problems will soon be a thing of the past. Can’t wait to actually get to mod my FW, but the base hardware is so good that I haven’t felt the need to do anything yet. Keeping y’all updated soon !

I might get sidetracked and make a dual screen addon by using another top cover and screen, and a very slim fan addon to allow using the computer lying on a bed, without having to prop it up with a book to allow airflow to be unimpeded. Sidetracking, it do be like that !!

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This cable is now available in the Framework Marketplace: Framework

Thanks everyone for letting us know that this would be useful to list individually.


Wow, that’s absolutely awesome. Thanks a lot on you all for listening !! I’ll be ordering a few soon :slight_smile: