Diy fail. Operator error. Help?

Also take a closer look at your M.2 SSD:

Make sure it’s inserted all the way, with no contacts showing and the tab fitting flush in the notch.

I think that was my problem at the outset, but after reseating the SSD, my keyboard does not light up or function. The power button lights up. Leds are all green flashes. Caps key on the keyboard does not light up and no response to enter button or F keys.

I am back now 1 week later. I installed a new touchpad cable and added 3m tape. I re-did my USB with the OS. I now can see a black screen asking to choose from:
*Start linux mint,
*Start linux mint compatibility mode
*OEM install (manufacturer)
*Check integrity of medium
Unfortunately my keyboard, including arrow keys and F keys and enter keys do not light up or work.
Do I assume my keyboard is shorted out and order a new input cover kit?

I would go back through the steps to reattach the keyboard, starting here and try to make absolutely certain that everything is connected correctly before you throw in the towel. It might be good to disconnect the keyboard completely, and re-connect it to be able to handle the connections yourself and make sure everything is well-seated.

If the keyboard membrane was broken while moving stuff around, it is likely there would be visible damage; take some time to inspect it to see if you notice anything cracked or oddly bent. Of course there could be invisible damage as well, but it can’t hurt to closely examine the device.

I’m hoping maybe the connections just need a redo. If you have any friends/family handy with electronics, sometimes it helps to get a second pair of eyes on a problem like this.

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Thanks for your encouragement. Framework support came through for me in about 36 hours or less.
Yeah! I’m so excited. They decided to cover it under warranty, I guess. The part is in the mail.:heart::sunglasses: I can’t wait!


After contacting support, Framework sent me the part I needed. My system is running perfectly with Linux Mint Cinnamon Edge installed. Wifi and bluetooth 100%. I am beyond ecstatic. Thank you Support and Framework Community Helpers. I :heart: my Framework!