[SOLVED] No Display (first boot, error checks ok)

I’ve put together my ordered DIY Framework laptop. However, when I boot (my first boot) the display is completely inactive (blank and no signs of a backlight either).

With no boot media inserted, the diagnostic LED lights blink green 12 times (indicating systems are OK). Then, the Post Code blinks are blue, green, green, green, green, green, blue, green.

Otherwise the LED has been orange while charging, and now white while charged and plugged in.

The keyboard appears connected properly (as I can press “caps lock” and have the white LED beneath that key toggle on).

I’ve tried an external display via USB C but had no results there either.

I’ve given ample time for memory initialization (over 30 minutes, multiple times).

I’ve also followed the instructions to fully reset the main board (cmos battery and main battery disconnect and reconnect).

Any ideas what may be going on here or how else I can troubleshoot? I suspect it’s the display itself but it’s strange the diagnostic error check (LED lights) shows “OK”.

Thanks in advance!

I had that happen when I first set mine up. The RAM wasn’t seated properly, despite all evidence to the contrary. I pulled one stick and it started. When I reseated the second stick, all was well.

I can’t remember what the LEDs indicated but it was nothing relevant.

Thanks. I tried reseating the RAM and SSD. No luck so far…

To confirm, after reseating the RAM the status LEDs stay green for a time when I try to boot (indicating memory initialization) then transition to the diagnostic and post code blinking as described in the original post.

Try reseating the display connectors (there are two).
One is for the actual display, the other seems to also be necessary but connects the camera and microphone.
For full debugging, start with nothing connected (including the battery).
Plug each item in to make a minimal working system, in this case it is the SSD, RAM and Display.
Swap items in and out untill it works, but keep DRY (don’t repeat yourself)

I’ve reseated the display cables and unfortunately found no improvement.

You should get in touch with Support.

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Yes absolutely. That process is underway. We’re still in the phase of running through the basic troubleshooting I’ve already completed, but once we find the solution I’ll post back here.

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Framework sent a replacement mainboard, which I’ve installed. Unfortunately it didn’t make a difference. Now waiting to see what they’ll suggest next: RAM / Display replacement or replacement of the entire device.

Framework send a replacement display, which I’ve installed. This appears to have been the issue as everything seems to work ok now. I noticed on the original display the corrector (on the backside of the connector, if I recall it’s taped and not necessarily meant to be user adjustable) was crooked / pulled and appeared not to have been fully installed. I’m not sure, but I suspect that may have been the problem.

I’m not sure how to mark this as solved, but any moderator should feel free to do so. Thanks!