Diy fail. Operator error. Help?

New Diy Framework. After adding memory, storage and wifi, system did not boot. Keyboard connected but touchpad not responsive. I opened laptop up again and reseated touchpad cable and storage. Now it’s still not booting and keyboard no longer lights up. Any ideas?

Try going through this guide:

The laptop powers on and lights up. It just says no boot manager and the keyboard is not active.

Are you able to F2 into BIOS on the splash screen?

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You mean you have the keyboard light up at some point i.e. the keyboard was working and only the touchpad was innefective.

So reseating the touchpad, thinking that may be an issue now the whole keyboard is non functional?

So could it still be a cable/contact issue with the SSD or RAM maybe.

Main reason I didn’t buy a DIY :frowning:

Thank you. I reseated the SSD, and both ends of the touchpad cable. The diagnostic start up lights 1-12 all flashed green. The screen is kind of stuck on “boot device missing or boot failed.” No cursor.

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I believe this is normal behavior. I had to enter the BIOS menu the first time I booted and change a few settings before it would acknowledge my boot media.

The first time I did that it said "no bootable media, I think. I went the the page and there was nothing to choose from there.

Yes, mine said that too. I had to disable secure boot, and there is an option related to booting from flash media as well in there.

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Is your keyboard working now?

If so, in the BIOS, set “New Boot Device Priority” to either First or Last, not Auto.

I believe Auto sets the first device detected as the only boot device and may stop looking once it finds your USB. First/Last looks for all of them and sets the first one it detected as first (or the last if Last was selected) but should list them all at least.

After this you should be able to see it in the F12 boot device menu.

Keyboard not working, at least not lighting up. There is no cursor and no response from the F keys.

The diagnostic LEDS were all green 1-12.

So priority one, get the keyboard working. Thanks for your help.

You should probably get in contact with Support:

It might be worth double-checking the keyboard is connected, but if I recall correctly the opportunity to trigger the BIOS menu is a brief window while booting.

Try to power off, then just keep hitting F2 while you boot up.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I need to get the 2 sided tape for the ribbon cable. That may get the keyboard working.

Is it not attached on the keyboard side, or the battery side? The battery side attachment is like a little latch you have to trap the ribbon inside.

Did it come detached while you had it open to put in the hardware? That ribbon is definitely tricky to deal with while it’s open.

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That is exactly the problem. I reseated the keyboard cable, no problem. The touchpad lock doesn’t seem to work and the touchpad has not worked since day one, so I’m not sure how that became inop. I have ordered 2 sided tape, so we will see…:slightly_smiling_face:

Keep in mind there is no touchpad support until you boot into the OS. This has the older style BIOS menu where you cannot use a mouse or touchpad, only keyboard navigation is supported. There is no mouse cursor or anything. The shell environment you cannot use the touchpad either. So you won’t be able to tell if if it working or not until you get into your OS!

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Thank you!! Very key info for a beginner like me.