Do you think it will be possible (and if so how easily) to have the 16 be water cooled?

Title, I think it would be cool to be able to water cool the laptop since I know some laptops can already do that. I’m wondering if the 16 will be able to do that and if so could it be internal or would it have to be external and how complicated the process would be, thoughts?

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What is your reason for wanting to try?
Because it does not seem you’re able to get better performance just through better cooling

We could hope that Framework is able to change things in the Framework-16, but it seems that it’s intel and AMD’s fault.

Because why not and it’s cool in my opinion

A lot of things are possible if you have enough determination. If you are willing to use the expansion bay to host it, then it could be “internal”. You could extend the size of the expansion bay module as large as you need to fit it all.


Yes, it’s possible. It’s been done on laptops that are far less friendly to modifications than the Framework. Whether or not someone will develop and market that though… dubious.

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No. Not possible. Ever. Even if they’ll design it this way.