Gaming laptops being noisey

I have to use a laptop for games due to space.

My current laptop’s keyboard is going, so I’ll be getting a replacement in a few years - I can’t find a replacement keyboard online grrr!

One thing I find really annoying is that there is a desire to create “thin” laptops. It’s annoying as thin laptops require thin fans.

Thin fans can’t push as much air over a heatsink per revolution. So they need to operate at a higher RPM.

Higher RPM == more noise.
What I would like to see is a big fat case, with huge quiet fans!

Hopefully framework or a 3rd party can make something here.

we can’t really tell how loud the FW16 will be but I see online a lot of laptop cooling pads like this that are supposedly very quiet but I never tried one so I wouldn’t be able to tell you for sure how quiet they are.

I can’t wait to start seeing Frore Systems’ solid state fans in actual computers. It may be like 5 years out before we see it though
Frore Systems


I actually have one of those cooling pads.

It’s powered via a USB a cable, and it helps but the laptop still gets far too hot.
I suppose the framework would be easier to take apart and blow the dust out of it.

Again we don’t have any actual data so this is all speculation on my part so take this with a grain of salt but I think the upgradable GPU design could also potentially solve this problem as well.

The GPU modules we’ve seen in the pre-production model stick out from the back of the laptop and have their own fans. This means even if the chassis is fairly thin the GPU won’t be contributing directly to the thermals of the chassis so that fan shouldn’t have to work as hard. And since the module is external to the chassis it could be made to whatever thickness makes sense as far as fans and thermals are concerned.

The Framework Laptop 13 11th Gen I have is loud when the fans get going pretty much any review out there will tell you the same. So maybe they didn’t optimize for fan noise on the Framework Laptop 16. But looking at the design they’ve gone for with the GPU module system it seems like it could be quieter than other gaming laptops out there.


About 10 years ago I did some testing with my laptop and found that active cooling pads, at least the ones I had available, make less than a 1c difference in laptop temperatures. What made a real difference was removing airflow restrictions… so naturally I took a Dremel to my laptop and gave it more air. That was a 10c difference.