Does anyone have the wallpaper seen in the sample photos?

This wallpaper can be found on just about all the stock shots of the laptop, and I was wondering if anyone had a direct link to the image.

I was able to get this copy by cropping the first photo

and I got this one by warping the second photo in GIMP

If possible however, an official copy would be awesome!


I’m curious too- bunping this thread back to the top!

I found something Similar:

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Looks like it’s this one right here, but it’ll cost some money to download without watermarks, unfortunately.

Although, I did find a slightly edited version on the internet here:

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Good catch! It does appear to be a sharper and upside down version of that linked photo.

Perhaps this helps.

I ran the cropped picture through a Bing reverse image search, and got a slightly larger version that was rotated 90°. I then ran that one, and ended up with a much larger version that I simply rotated to the same orientation as in the product photos.

The image is 4096 x 2731, so you should be able to resize and crop it to the FW’s resolution.

EDIT : hmm, it looks like the forum only allows up to 1920 x 1280. Okay, I guess I’ll try to link the image itself. You’ll have to rotate it 90° clockwise, but that shouldn’t be too difficult.


Very much. I downloaded the image you linked, used gthumb (I’m on Ubuntu here) to rotate/crop/resize and this is what I get …

I’ll be saving this one for when I finally get my framework laptop, thanks @X_S.

I really like the 12th gen wallpaper too, but as it has a lot of detail regarding the symmetry of the lines it’s probably not crop-able? - Would also love it if framework posted the original images for them! :blush:

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