Framework 16 Background

Hello everyone! Does anyone have the background image for the new framework 16-inch laptop?

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This has been asked before by @Leseratte and @LAVEDRINE_Remi


You mean something like this: These are edits from the screenshot you refer to.

or this one, reduced to 256 colours for quicker and simpler editing

You can do it and do it better, tune it to your colour and better detail. :slight_smile:

Editing on the fly, till I get caught in the web of doom:

Back to rgb to give white background

Now we can have an island in a blue sea with enhanced screens, keyboards, paper & vegetation :slight_smile:


Thank you so much I have tried to look it up on the web but I could not find any but one with a green background. Thank you so much!

Yes I could only find the one you noted. I had to change the perspective using GIMP and then edit the colours.

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someone on reddit made a bunch of derivatives of the original one


Here is a good copy from the one linked to above.
I took a screen shot, [png] enlarged the canvas, set a pallet of 256 and saved as [gif]


Thank you again so much I love this background

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