Does this laptop support legacy boot

Does the Framework laptop support legacy boot? There are certain operating systems i want to try out that require it


A new mother board with 11th gen Intel I wouldn’t have thought so. Will probably only support 64 bit OS’s as well. Good question.

I agree with Ben_S that this is a good and relevant question! I disagree however with his expectations … I think that it would (should) support legacy boot as well 32bit OS’s [at least up to now all my 64bit cpu’s have allowed me to install 32bit OS]

Have we gotten a definitive answer to this? I am trying to boot memtest86+ which according to their website has no UEFI support. When I try to use memtest86 (different than memtest86+), the info it is trying to show me goes almost entirely off screen (connecting an external monitor via HDMI expansion card doesn’t help).

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I’m also trying to load memtest86+, and also some older Linux distros. Can’t figure out how to do legacy boot. Any solutions?