Clone hard drive from pc with mbr legacy bios to frame work laptop with uefi

I have a dell Inspiron 5570 with legacy bios, Intel core i5 8th gen, Samsung sata 3 SSD, 12gb ram (computer memory not male sheep). i have multiple operating systems dual booting and want to clone hard drive on to a framework laptop that i plan to get. if my current hard drive is MBR and legacy bios, how will it work if i clone that onto a framework laptop with uefi only (and “?GPT?”) will it boot or do i have to covert it first somehow or start from scratch or is there a way to have legacy bios on framework laptop? i would prefer legacy bios if possible!

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I do not think so–I’m afraid you may have to finally switch over.

In general, systems that support UEFI require the boot partition to be GPT. Other hard disks can be MBR if you want, but I can’t think of a benefit to that–you may as well go all the way, because GPT is less limited.

Some modern motherboards support booting an OS in “legacy mode”, but I do not think our BIOS has that option.

It will not work if you just clone the drive.

To be honest, I am not aware of an excellent way to accomplish this. The least-messy approach that comes to mind would be:

  • Install the OS’s that you want fresh on the Framework laptop. This will allow you to set up a proper configuration with a boot partition and the new bootloader that your old system is lacking.
  • Backup the files and configurations you wish to keep. If your old system is x86 I wouldn’t bother with software–I would just reinstall all your programs from scratch.
  • Restore the backup to your new system

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If the Inspiron 5570 supports UEFI (and you are only using legacy BIOS for compatibility,) you might be able to convert your Windows drive to GPT using the built-in MBR2GPT command.

I would only recommend doing this if your Inspiron can be changed to UEFI mode. If so, you can convert it and then test to make sure it still works. Then you would be in a better position to migrate the install.

However, I don’t recommend moving a Windows install between computers. It is better to install it anew and migrate your data. :smile:

when it is swiched to uefi it won’t boot!

it is x64 not x86! i don’t know if it would support x86! dell inspiron 5570 i think is a 2016 model.

what is the best free and efficient way to migrate all data and app data and windows settings from Dell Inspiron 5570 to the framework DIY edition laptop? i have windows 7, 10, 11 dual booting. please don’t ask how i got windows 11 to work on mbr, no secure boot, no tpm, and no uefi because i just used the MediaCreationTool.bat-main from github and rufus