Pcmemtest Boots to a Blank Screen

Trying to find a memory tester utility that I can boot from a USB flash drive. I usually use Memtest86+, but it doesn’t have a UEFI option. So I built an ISO for pcmemtest, and wrote it to a flash drive. The build seemed successful, but it boots to a blank screen - I can’t tell if pcmemtest is running or not.

Any suggestions for why I’m not seeing anything at boot, and how to make it work (BIOS settings or whatever)? Or for that matter, another memory tester that will successfully boot on a Framework?

Memtest86 (not plus) does offer a UEFI version. It’ll work just fine on the Framework Laptop, you’ll just need to set the display resolution in the options first. If you don’t, the display will be cut off.

(You don’t have to buy the pro version!)

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I had tried Memtest86, and had the display problem. With your help, that is fixed. Thanks!

I do have another concern about Memtest86. While running it, the fan spins up and the bottom of the laptop gets pretty hot. I assume it is giving the CPU a good workout, which is fine - but I’m concerned about leaving it going all night as I usually do with memory testers. Can that be a problem, or not?