DP Alt mode not working

I have a Framework 13 AMD with Windows 11 dual boot with Ubuntu LTS. I have a new Anker 575 13 in 1 USB C Docking station. I was using a new Anker Powerline 3 usb c cable, which wasn’t working for the ethernet pass through or the DV Alt mode. I tried a very short USB - C cable that I think came with a Raspberry pi and the DV Alt mode worked immediately in Ubuntu. So I ordered a Cablematters Thunderbolt 4 cable, but the ethernet pass through and the DV Alt mode doesn’t work in either Windows 11 or Ubuntu. Is Thunderbolt 4 compatible with the Anker 575? I have tried two different usb c expansions on my computer. The only thing I have gotten to work is the very short unlabelled raspberry pi cable for DV alt mode, but no ethernet pass through, and the Anker powerline 3 briefly allowed ethernet pass though once, but not regularly. The most expensive cable of all didn’t allow anything other than charging. I am wondering if I got a bad dock, or if i need to change some settings to get DV alt mode and ethernet pass through to work.