Dreaming of an E-Ink keyboard for switching between layouts

I thought quite a bit about which keyboard layout to choose for my framework.
Living in germany, using the german one would seem beneficial (having dedicated ö, ä and ü for example) but the english one is actually rather comfortable for programming since keys like { or [ are easier to reach and don’t require using an extra key.
On the german keyboard I have to press “ALT GR” + “8” to get “[”.

I thought about how convenient it would be to be able to switch between both with a button press. My desktop keyboard as four extra keys with a little display where you can put a little graphic (like one of those stream deck things).
Something like that just with an e-ink display (no energy consumption) would be really cool.
Sadly those extra buttons don’t have a nice “key” feeling when pressing them but I guess that’s something that can be improved.

I also made a quick google search and apparently this is already something companies think about:

But I guess they have their own drawbacks once they are available (like not being build into my laptop :))

I don’t expect this to be a thing in the near future, just a thought I wanted to share with you.