Custom key mapping

Hi, I am using the german keyboard layout which is fine for writing german and english.
Occasionally I write spanish as well and for that I am missing a button for Ñ/ñ.
Is it somehow possible to remap any key (e.g. the right ctrl button as I never use that one) to type a “ñ” instead? And more advanced, Shift + right ctrl to “Ñ”?

Asking here in case there is an easy trick via firmware or anything else Framework related. In the end I wouldn’t mind if it is a 3rd party software solution… Does anyone have an idea or knows a way how to achieve that?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Check these out

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Thanks for your reply. That didn’t do the trick yet. In PowerToys you can only remap to other existing keys but not ñ. The other thread doesn’t seem to be helpful either…
But I found out i can do a simple shortcut with autohotkey! :smiley:

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Happy to hear you found a solution! :slight_smile:

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It’s been quite a while but I found an even better solution. There is this EURKEY layout which is based of the US american one (great for programming \o/) but provides support for european letters, e.g. alt gr + n for ñ or alt gr + a o u s → ä ö ü ß to name a few.

It can just be downloaded, installed and then used like any other keyboard “language” in your Windows’ settings (idk if there is Linux or MacOS support).

In order to have the correct prints on your framework keyboard, you should either go with the English US keyboard or the English International one. The only two differences between those two is that English International shows the € symbol (fits with EURKEY) and the right alt shows “alt gr” instead of just “alt”. The difference is really small but I’d say the English International is ever so slightly better for EURKEY.

Wanted to leave this here for the people from the future who might encounter the same problem :slight_smile:

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