Dual monitors

i7-1360P (up to 5.0GHz, 4+8 cores) | 16GB (2x8GB) Memory | 512GB Storage |Battery - 61Wh | WiFi 6E | Windows 11 Home

Will this support duel external monitors?

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Search: 3 external Monitors with Expansion Card

I wonder…if you have 4 eGPU, and each supports 2 DP and 2 HDMI displays…then can you have 16 external displays?

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It should either with multiple display expansion cards or some docking station.

The CPU supports up to 4 displays.

I see no reason why not.

With DisplayLink you could probably go even further. (DisplayLink is kind of like an eGPU that connects over USB and most of the GPU work is still done by the GPU in the system, however because the DisplayLink chip handles outputting the image to the display it is able to bypass normal limits and run more monitors).

IIRC, you can’t have display colour profiles associated with a DisplayLink monitor. (This was three years ago in my case, I was rather disappointed in the tech)

Yes, if you get gpus that support more displays even more and you can daisy chain even more egpus if your enclosure have a tb out XD.

The limiting factor is how many displays a gpu supports (I think that is determined by the amount of crtcs on it but information on that is hard to come by), if all of those go out of individual ports or all of them go through a single DP port through an mst hub doesn’t really matter.

Higher end nvidia cards are pretty much always 4, higher end amd cards before the 7000 series did 6 now they are down to just 4 too (kind of a bummer since I run 5 displays) and igpus from both manufacturers tend to do 3 or 4.

Displaylink is an “avoid if at all possible” tech in my book, it is better than nothing but so much worse than any kind of actual display connection.

Yeah, tried it once with the purchase of an Asus portable monitor a few years back. Lesson learnt: better than nothing like you said…but good lord…stay away if you can.

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