Best way to hook up 6 monitors? [IMG]

I need to use 6 PC monitors of varying sizes. (None of them 4k).
Mostly I just use them for coding and office stuff. (No gaming.)
What’s the best way to do this?
So far I have it down to two paradigms

I understand I have 4 ports with a Framework laptop and I could put in multiple HDMI units. But I was hoping to have a one wire solution. e.g. one wire to plug 6 monitors into the laptop at once (when i come home from work) - instead of fiddling with 6 wires.

Anyone know the best way?


Check the processor you have. From what I’ve seen the onboard graphics only supports up to 4 monitors at a time. So you might have to go with the eGPU option.

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Brian is correct… your best bet is to go with an eGPU option that supports 6 monitors.

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The easiest way is to put all displays inside a single laptop

Jokes aside, you can daisy chain display port cables if your monitors have an display port input and an output. Not sure for how many displays the bandwidth would last though you can use more than one framework expansion card for this. If the driver has a restriction on the number of displays that might become a problem too. Though i think nvidia GPUs that arn’t quadro GPUs also have a restriction on the number of displays inside their driver, so even a single eGPU might not be enough. I’m not sure if amd cards have a limit inside their driver, so that might be a possibility.

nice laptop
i can’t daisy chain display port cables cuz my monitors dont all have the port.
do you think i could just use a USB-c hub and then several USB 3 video adapters?

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You can… buuuuut if you want to avoid any issues with monitors randomly disconnecting or not starting up at all then using an external 6 display compatible card is still the best option… this is just from my own experience but displays tend to work best with a minimal amount of adaptors and connections.

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