Duel Use Modules?

I have been looking & thinking of all the ways to make the Expansion Cards useful. I originally thought of Pansonic’s system for their “Tough line” Laptops, since it also had “module” like slots. However, it seemed like the expansion cards are single-use cards, but why can’t they be a duel, maybe even triple use?

The first example I came up with was the expansion card module: since that would take a lot of space, is it possible to add another feature like Battery LED indicator, that way you would know how much charge you have left. All in all, it is just an idea. I don’t have the tool or equipment to test out this idea. Hope someone with those resources can see if it is durable.

Maybe… Na just joking.

I’m already using my USB-A expansion card as a USB-A->C adapter for my smartphone. That’s two uses in one already.

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