DuHeSin Magnetic Adapter stops charging

-Windows 11 Pro
-Version 22H2
-OS Build 22621.1105
-Framework 12 gen

I’ve been using this magnetic c port adapter to charge. It seems that after some time the magnetic c adapter stops charging. Then I take the magnetic adapter off and plug in the regular charger that came with laptop and it will not charge still. After unplugging the wall outlet then plugging it back in it starts to charge again. Any advice?

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Well, I’d stop using it tbh.

As for actually troubleshooting your issue, I unfortunately can’t help. Just thought I’d help make you aware of the risks involved in using those connectors. Those style connectors have resulted in damage to the laptop before for other users.


According to the amazon reviews it seems like the metal pins that connect when the magnets are together have a habit of bending out of place easily. The fact that it stops charging, but eventually corrects itself almost sounds like some type of overcurrent situation from a bent pin touching somewhere it isn’t supposed to?

I would recommend that you check all the metal pins to make sure that none of them are bent, and if they aren’t, try using using just the charger without the magnetic adapter to see if you still have issues charging without the magnetic adapter. If it ends up being the magnetic adapter you’ll have to contact DuHeSin. Otherwise, if you have it stop charging without the magnetic adapter connected, contact support to see if there’s an issue with your mainboard or your charger.