Will the expansion card slide out if you try to unplug a cable?

Will the expansion card slide out if you try to unplug a cable from the expansion card? Some cables may have tight connectors so that they won’t become loose easily. Do you think that this will be a problem? The expansion card has to be both easy to remove to replace it with another card and hard to remove to not slide out if you unplug the cable. It is a kind of dilemma.


The Expansion card has a latch on the laptop that will keep it in place when you remove the cable.
You can easily replace the expansion card by pressing the latch, and sliding the expansion card out.


Hi, Kieran, I am using a 12gen August bach laptop. Recently, I am experiencing that when I unplug the USB-c cable, the whole expansion card comes out. Not every time I unplug, but it happens every two days. I plug in and unplug the charging cable pretty frequently each day for meetings and discussions.

I did some experiments and found that the two bays on the right side is problematic. The two bays on the left side is fine.

What should I do with this case? Any way to have a quick fix?

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I think an optional screw/connector is needed. The user can decide whether to use the screw or not.


Maybe an exception, but my HDMI card unplugs when pulling on the HDMI cable connector, even with the latch engaged.

Bottom expansion slot on the left side. Might try in different configuration later.

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@Jacob_Ma if it is coming out, i would suggest loosening the 5 screws holding your mainboard in, and pushing on all 4 expansion cards to see if they go in a little further. Then tightening the mainboard screws again to see if this resolves your issue.
If not please reach out to support.