Expansion card removal

Do others find it as hard as I do to remove the expansion cards? I have only recently needed to rearrange my cards but it is an absolute pain trying remove them. I press the latch as far as it goes but I have to use a great deal of force to extract them. I cannot use my fingernails because that would tear my nails and I have to use two fingers holding the card while pressing the latch and usually holding the laptop at an extreme angle before they will move.

Is there a technique I am missing? Am I alone?


This isn’t of great help to you at the moment, but they do tend to loosen up a bit over time. Until they do, your best bet may be to close the laptop, flip it over, and use both hands. You may find the spudger end of the included screwdriver helpful to get them started coming out.


Thanks for the tip, @lbkNhubert. One thing I think I have noticed is that it is slightly easier if the laptop has been off for a while and has cooled down - even though mine very rarely runs hot. But it’s not quite as plug and play as I had hoped! :wink:

EDIT: Just tried it - the spudger tip worked great! I’m usually worried about damaging those but this one seems quite sturdy.

Just use your fingernails, the spudgers aren’t the best quality as mine already has a slight curve at the tip from taking apart a expansion card.

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