HDMI expansion card getting removed with cable removal

I have noticed that when I remove an HDMI cable from the HDMI expansion card, the expansion card gets removed and stays attached to the HDMI cable. This happens even when I am not holding down the eject button. This is only happening in the top-left expansion card slot (as seen from a top view with touchpad at bottom). Is this fixable, or will I have to send in an RMA?

The mechanism that holds the expansion cards in might be damaged. Was it like that from delivery?

No, this just happened recently. I have had my laptop for half a year now.

I’ve experienced this issue. My hypothesis is that since the hdmi cable sits quite snug in the port, a decent amount of force is required to pull out the cable which may trigger the release mechanism. This issue doesn’t appear for other items that don’t fit as tightly into their respective ports e.g. USB-C cables, USB A flash drives, etc.

I’d message support. However if the problem wasn’t there from the start they might say it is just worn out or you pulled too strong (i.e. not a manufacturing defect, so no warranty). Can’t hurt to ask though.

At least they’ll probably tell you how to fix it even if that requires purchasing a replacement part.