eGPU instability

I have an 11th gen framework laptop and so far really love it. It works well 99% of the time with my eGPU. However I’ve noticed something really weird.

When gaming, the GPU would sometimes drop to zero percent usage and then recover. This would happen even when GPU temps were low and usage for both CPU and GPU were under 50%. I thought this might be something driver related, so I reinstalled my driver’s. That didn’t fix it. So I thought it might be too many peripherals and unplugged quite a few. Still didn’t fix it.

I did find a “fix” but I don’t quite understand why it works. When I game on an external monitor, I now flip my laptop so that the back of the top is on my desk and the keyboard area is vertical, allowing for better ventilation. This works, and I figure it’s something thermal related. I’ve only noticed this issue with my GPU, not any of the attached devices, just the GPU. Any reason why the laptop heating up would suddenly “break” the connection with the GPU? Devices attached to the eGPU dock would also stop working for that “break” but recovered much quicker than the GPU. Could heat disrupt the USB 4.0 ports performance?

It might disrupt the thunderbolt 4 controller? I think it’s most likely on the eGPUs side though, just a shot in the dark.

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