[SOLVED] Razer Core v2 eGPU small issues

I had 2 small issues.

  1. When connecting to the back left port as usb-c/thunderbolt, the laptop would spin up its fans then eventually freeze within 4-5 mins. I swapped out that usb-c with my micro-sd in the front left and now everything works all stable. Would this be the same issue as others are having with some of their module slots?

  2. I don’t get any laptop PD. Can anyone else with an EGPU, hopefully the Razer Core v2 tell me if their EGPU is correctly supplying power or not? Thanks in advance.

The freezing seems to have been a setting with NVidia (NVidia Control Panel → Manage 3D settings → Power management mode → Change to anything except Optimal Power).

This also fixed the battery issue

No problem with the framework. Sorry I doubted you little guy :slight_smile:


Encountered same issue.

Installed Windows 10 Pro. Installed drivers, apps, (HWMonitor, MSI Afterburner, Heaven 4.0, Discord, GeForce Experience, Razer Synapse, Logitech Hub) and everything seemed to be working fine (ran through Heaven benchmark a few times without a hitch). Tried creating a system image and Windows would freeze at roughly the same spot each time requiring a forced shutdown. Repeated this twice before trying without the eGPU and it succeeded.

Tried overclocking in Afterburner, and it crashed again randomly in the Afterburner settings when configuring my monitoring properties / screen displays (no benchmark running or overclock in place).

Google took me to different eGPU setups suggesting setting the TdrDelay and TdrDdiDelay registry values (set to 20 for each) which didn’t appear to help either. Tested with creating another system image and it locked up almost immediately.

Eventually ended up here. Setting Power management mode to not “Optimal Power” seems to resolve the issue (created a system image successfully with eGPU plugged in).

Kind of a weird behavior, hopefully gets a more elegant fix.

@Brendan_Seabrook how well is the core v2 working now? i’m looking into getting one & any info on compatibility would be great :smile:

I got annoyed at the fan noise and gave up on using it fairly quickly. I have no idea if the drivers have improved at all.

I just put the 11th gen in the cooler master case. Maybe I will give it another shot on the weekend.