Ethernet card appearance

I’m curious as to why the Ethernet card has a clear casing. It may appeal to some tech heads but I’d like it more if it’s casing matched the colour of the other expansion cards.

Indeed, that’s why I printed my own.

Costs probably.

The other expansion cards all have the same form factor, which I assume allows FW or a sub-contractor to use the same tooling (largely).

Obviously, that doesn’t go for the Ethernet card, so I imagine them to have the choice: make more expensive tooling for the more difficult to produce Ethernet geometry in aluminium, or just injection mould it from plastic. Also no cheap tooling, but I guess it was easier.

Selling the see through look as a feature is just marketing though :wink:

Agreed. They probably couldn’t use the normal aluminum finish because of cost and the weird shape, and instead of making that card black or white or any other obviously non-matching color, they chose transparent to make at least the geeks happy.

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