[EU] Keyboard Layout Options US ANSI

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I couldn’t find any other thread about this topic. I want to order a Framework DIY edition in Germany but with an US-ANSI keyboard layout. The only options I can choose from are “International English”, French, German and British ones.

There are four pictures of the keyboard layouts. I can map those to DE, FR and GB. So the last one should be “International English”. But it’s a picture of an US-ANSI layout. So now I’m pretty confused. Can I be sure I’ll get what’s on the picture? (Not an ISO layout, a real US-ANSI one?)

tl;dr; Can I be sure I get what I can see on the pictures? A true ANSI-US layout if I order “English International”. The large shift-keys and the additional button on top of the “enter” key are very important to me.

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It looks the 4th picture of yours has “|” key button on the top of the “enter”. So, it looks ANSI-US.

The both clear keyboards might be better to find the difference.

I am not sure what is the difference between “ANSI-US” and “English International”. On below both pictures, it looks the only difference is right alt key’s text.

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Thanks for your help. It does look like that indeed! That would be totally fine by me. I guess I can pre-order it then. I also contacted support but I guess I can pre-order now and cancel the order if they won’t confirm that.

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Just if somebody else stumbles upon this thread. I just got clarification from support.

“English International” actually has two differences compared to US-ANSI.

  • the right alt key has “alt-gr” as label
  • there’s an Euro symbol on the 5-key (this is missing on the picture @junaruga posted, it’s only visible on the whole keyboard assembly)

Everything else is exactly the same as US-ANSI according to support. That’s fine by me so I’ll stick to the “English International” layout :slight_smile:

Interesting. Thanks for checking. I wonder how much the English International layout is popular in Europe. Living in Czech Republic, my working laptop Thinkpad X1 Carbon provided by my company is also ANSI-US layout, not English International layout.

I know that English International is actually the default in the Netherlands.

Yeah, but usually English International has this big enter button and the key which is above enter moved to it’s side. Also the shift keys are much smaller. That would be a deal breaker for me. I own one of these English International keyboards and I hate this change especially for programming.

Especially for programming US-ANSI is way more comfortable for me.