EU Pricing

Given the fact that the prices for chips and even materials like aluminium are continuing to rise, it would seem logical for Framework to increase their prices as well at some point.

Since this hasn’t happened for US/CA customers yet and EU prices for US products are a bit higher in general, one might suspect that EU customers will have to shoulder some of these costs (which would be understandable, albeit a bit unfair). With the preordering for Europe right around the corner (hopefully), can someone from the @Framework team give a hint about the pricing in €? I’m trying to figure out how much of my budget I’ll have to save this month


Unfortunately, we would not be able to discuss too much currently. But, once we have more information on this, we will absolutely share it!


I guess given the timeframe that means we’ll see the prices when it’s up for preorder.

Please don’t think I say this in anger or disappointment, I totally get it if you’re not able to share even the slightest hint about pricing beforehand (I was thinking of something like a pricing ratio estimate, e.g. 1$ : 1.1€). I rather think of it as saying the (seemingly) obvious out loud, without (deliberate) judgement attached to it