EU Shipping estimate

EU Shipping estimate - #4 by nrp

Now, we know that there will be shipping to other countries than US and Canada later that year.

Can you give a brief estimate on when shipping to germany will be likely to happen?
I am very interested in getting a new laptop, since mine is an Acer Aspire 7730g from 2009, and might buy a Framework asap when its coming out.

Despite of the fact I’d need a new notebook quickly, I decided to wait. And now I need to know when EU-shipping is likely to happen, to prevent from serving too long time without one.

Can you give an estimate on that? Doesn’t need to be accurate.
Would be nice tho.

Good work btw, was waiting for modular laptops for 7 years…


Good question, I guess the demand for such a product is quiet big in german speaking countries (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands).
The biggest party in Germany is right now the green party!
Survey: Wahlumfragen zur Bundestagswahl – Sonntagsfrage (Wahlumfrage, Umfragen)


One true word tho. But I believe there’s still a general interest in upgradeable laptops…
Having those here asap would be really nice.

BTW I think it might have potential to be most requested in Switzerland after launch…
Maybe by a lot of students and Scientists? At CERN? Dreaming…

Seriously, just an estimate, a calendar quarter, would be really nice.
The only thing I’m concerned about is a missing GPU, but just considering there’ll be more MB models in future, it should be no problem retrofitting a GPU once it’s there.


We’ll be launching in several countries in Europe and Asia before the end of the year.


At least that’s something.
Thanks for your quick response.

Greetings, I frantically hoped someone would launch modular laptops earlier.
You finally did it!

Please feel sanctified, you folks earned that…


@ bwnic_3ternal in my case I needed the Laptop only for working, if I need a dedicated gpu I can use my pc at home. With dedicated graphics the laptop would be thicker, especially with the heatpipes. Also more expensive.
For me it is better like it is.

@nrp will it available in india ?


For the purchase and shipping to the EU countries, I would also like to know whether the prices VAT included ?


@binyi_zhang Would most definitely have tax, and if they do not have a eu warehouse there will be import tax as well.

I very much need a new laptop, so I’m waiting for orders to open for NL.

Ordering a €700+ laptop, which in theory would last a good time with easy upgrades is great, since I don’t have that money every time. I usually get cheaper refurbished ones.

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Thanks for the thread starter, I also waiting for pre-order to EU/Germany :slight_smile:
I just learned about this project by the latest WAN Show (LTT) last week and then watched the YT video of Linux about your notebooks, never heared of this project before. Sounds very promising, please make it real, that we can order these here in EU :slight_smile: )

Thanks for this response and estimation. Is this still in scope, also the shippment until end of the year?

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The specific dates will depend on the country, and we are currently scoping the sequence of next countries. We’re doing this in part by seeing where the most interest is from people selecting their country from the drop down box in our locales: Framework | Fix Consumer Electronics


Personally I don’t care which country will be available as long as its within the EU.


Wait, so when it launches in the EU it will not be EU-wide? I’m in Portugal, and I see a bunch of other EU countries being prioritized in terms of market size.


i guess that as long as it launches in some bigger eu countries that’s a massive step already as “smuggling” within the eu is still easier than transatlantic purchases

That’s true, but still not a straightforward matter, as you’ll still have to order it online to receive it only two-three months ahead on a date you’ll only know exactly shortly prior to shipping. So you need someone who’s A: staying put and B: willing to receive it and forward it for you. Or you can hire a company. But either way that’s more $$$, hassle and time.

Hopefully the team knows this point - you only really need one “location” inside the EU27 to be able to “easily” ship to all of them.
And if you limit it to just the Eurozone countires, then not even any currency conversions.

From what I understand there might be some accounting challenges with VAT, but that is mostly invisible to end consumers.

And with the keyboard being so easy to replace, I don’t need my preferred layout (SE/FI) to be available within the current planned shipping of “before the end of 2021”.
I can live with a US layout until my preferred layout comes out and then either keep as a spare, or sell on the upcoming “marketplace”.

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Any updates on when available in Europe please?
Waiting to order from Norway.
Tired of not being able to find a new battery or part for non repairable laptops.
Modular was always the way to go and also environmentally friendlier.
I wish to buy two or three for my company
Well done and thank you!

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I agree with @ymb: do not wait for individual country layouts and avoid not having an eu-wide launch.

The US layout is perfectly fine for an initial launch. - I’d buy it immediately.

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There are many USA citizens still stuck in European Countries waiting on “Invites” to get to vaccine so they can return to the USA.
I am sure many of us who are pro “right to repair” that are waiting for your product. Also, I know of 12 USA, 4 Netherland, 1 Belgium, 5 Polish, 6 German, 2 Australia, 1 Korean, 3 India Citizens here in the Netherlands waiting for your product to be available. Thats 34 sales that could be made. If you need someone here to help make having it available as a USA business here please let me know. There are great incentives for that right now! Do you need someone to translate your website to Dutch or any other language to make it more readily available?