EU Shipping estimate

I believe that the EU has recently rolled out a system for import taxes that should, if I understand it correctly, make it easier to import to any EU country. It is called IOSS == Import One Stop Shop. IOSS Presumably it means that all EU countries could be grouped together as one in the popcontest. I know because of an update on CutiePi: CutiePi Tablet - Raspberry Pi, Untethered by Phoebus Torralba » Post Campaign Update #10: Updates, Reports, Surveys, & Gratitude — Kickstarter

I am in Switzerland, so not the EU. Here imports are generally rather more painful but we are used to it. It is common for parcels to be stopped in customs, as a recipient one gets an import tax bill, one pays and the parcel is released. There is a difference between couriers, some will phone or email the moment the parcel is blocked and the parcel can be released within a couple of hours. On the other end of the spectrum, I have had electronics from China stuck in customs for a month before getting a bill. I believe that it helps if it is easy for customs to establish the value and type of product being shipped, so that they can compute the bill.


I guess an alternative is to use a forwarding company, such as That way could ship to a US address now. It would require having separate billing and delivery addresses. It would also cost a bit more, as presumably taxes and shipping would have to be paid twice, once for the USA and once for the destination country. Personally, I am in no rush but it sounds as if @bwnic_3ternal is!

I’d really hope for shipping to Norway soon - I start a new school that requires a laptop, and I’d love a framework laptop. It’ll be next autumn, but I’d love to get it shipped here as fast as it is possible as I do a lot of travelling. I don’t even need the layout, as long as blank layouts are available and I could just use a marker, and replace it later.

Now that I saw Linus from LTT invested in the company, I’m even more eager to buy the laptop. So forgive me for saying this, but:

Wen EU shipping? :grin:

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Hope to see EU power adapters, ISO layout keyboards, maybe even Estonian layout? One can drem atleast.

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Hope to see EU power adapters,

The power adapter is already ready for the EU (or any other region). They only need to ship the right IEC C5 (Micker Mouse) cable with it.

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+1 for EU shipping. Can’t wait to order a laptop.


Any chance of an update? Or maybe a tease for an update?

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End of the year. More than likely will be UK and some of the EU.

Oh, I meant maybe an update to that end of year date, maybe even a ‘around month X / Y there might be more info’.

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My guess would be December, since the last batches are scheduled for November and @nrp mentioned that the batches would be gone once ordering from outside US/CA will be open. Might be wrong though, delays happen.

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I guess we would understand to have a rough date estimate with a disclaimer such as “this is our current goal, but don’t take it for granted, there is high chance that delays might happen”. That would still be better than a “before the end of the year” which could be October, November or December at this point :smile:

By the way, I’m rooting so much for you guys! I can’t wait to buy a framework laptop tbh ^^

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Oh boy, just can’t wait for EU shipping. Already fell in love with the laptop and time to upgrade is urgently approaching. Hope will make it to EU in time.

Also been sharing this to my friends and everybody is impressed with the idea.

I fear the current Global crunch concerning imports / exports for almost everything will effect the EU launch and push it into Q1 2022. I’m in the UK but I’d be happy to have it sent to my family in the EU and collect it myself! This is an amazing idea and I want to support it.

Just wondering if there are any news about this?


I’ll be happy to be proven wrong, but I don’t see EU shipping before the end of the year (ordering maybe). Supply chain issues are only getting worse and Framework haven’t been able yet to end the batch system for US/CA customers. Marketplace also arrived late and most items are still marked as “coming soon”. They’ll make it, but my guess is that it will take longer than expected.


I wish we were more informed on any of this, even though I get why it’s hard and maybe not the best thing to do.

I need a new laptop, so I’m still keeping myself to the End of Year line, but there’s also a real nice Lenovo from an outlet seller, but I really want to support Framework.


I’ve ordered mine on batch 4 and received it recently. I’ve used a reshipping company and got the laptop one week later from its shipping in the US.

For now the only issue I have is the ANSI keyboard instead of ISO which makes it missing a key for input, but other than that… All good!

I’ll just grab a keyboard once they open the marketplace… When they open the marketplace… Which for now has no date foreseen…


@MikeCH mind sharing what company you used for reshipping and how much import tax did you pay? And any other information you can share.


No, I don’t mind at all! It was but there are plenty of others if that one doesn’t fit the bill.

Taxes are very country subjective which in my case is roughly 8% plus some peanuts for the shipping company (in my case I’ve decided to use FedEx… Ironic, right?).

In the US I did not pay any taxes at all as MyUS has a location that is “tax free” and if you ship over there you don’t get charged any taxes.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: