Expansion Card caused severe performance problems

I’ve had my laptop for a few weeks and things have been going well. One of the expansion cards I ordered is a full size displayport card and that has been sitting in one of the slots on the right side of the laptop until yesterday. I swapped it with one of the usb-c ports on the other side, and after a reboot begin to have significant performance issues where any process would hang every few seconds for maybe a half second. This was easy to see even on the boot screen as grub would freeze halfway through rendering certain lines before resuming and hanging on a different line.
I removed all of the expansion cards and noticed that the problem disappeared, and upon reinserting the displayport card the problem came back. I moved it to a different port and saw the same issue, but returning it to the original port made the problem disappear again. Since then, I haven’t been able to get the problem to happen, but now I’m suspicious of every expansion card swap.
What could have happened? Could a failure to seat properly result in that happening? The expansion card wasn’t even being used at the time. I’m glad that the issue has seemingly vanished, but if anyone has any ideas on how to reproduce it i’d love to get to the bottom of it

My guess is maybe overheating or an overloaded controller? If you don’t use it on a daily basis, you could probably get away with not using it until you need to.

There was a problem with shorting expansion cards in some batches. What batch is yours from? Here is the link to the DIY fix. PROBLEM / FIX

To me it sounds driver related. Something is hard coded in the driver and when the connection comes from a different port the driver isn’t able to follow along. Shot in the dark guess.

@LytsePier I have a batch 1 laptop, so that seems plausible, and it would explain why the problem is intermittent. I’ll check that out later today, thanks.

@2disbetter Most of my testing was with a full reboot in between, so I don’t think it would be a driver choking.

If the hardware address is hard coded than a reboot wouldn’t matter.