Expansion card containers

Hello I am wondering what you guys use as containers for expansion cards that you would throw into backpack? also I don’t own a 3d print so I can’t print one out

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You could search the forum, and even if you don’t have a printer you can get a friend or a shop to print for you.

It would be helpful if you did a thorough search before you start a new topic as more topics make it difficult for future researchers


Otherwise a small plastic box maybe. if you want something fancy then a print maybe the way to go.

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I find that the SD card pockets in my Peak Design Tech Pouch fit expansion cards perfectly, and since that’s already always in my bag, thats where I keep them.

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Take a look at https://craftcloud3d.com/ to 3D print files and have them shipped to you. As far as models go, take a look around online and this forum. If you don’t like any of them, you can design them, or let me know and I’ll give it a go as it’s something I’d have a use for as well.

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If you don’t have a lot of extra cards you need to carry around, it was found out a while back that cases for CFExpress/XQD cards pretty much almost fit expansion cards, so if they have foam on the inside like this one you can squeeze in expansion cards (unfortunately all the ones I have found that are made to hold 6 cards don’t have enough height to hold more than 3 Framework cards.