Expansion card questions

I am about to pre-order the FW 13 Ultra 1 and have a few questions:

  1. Are the color USB-C expansion cards made of plastic vs. the aluminum USB-C one? Or are they painted or anodized metal?

  2. Is the new full-size SD expansion card the same speed/capability of the micro-SD expansion? What are the specs on those? I see stuff like “fast enough”, but my use-case is transferring hundreds of GB at a time, as fast as possible on a semi-regular basis. I’ve found SD card readers extremely variable in this regard.

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  1. The material has not been confirmed, but I would guess that they are all plastic, as Framework has not used colored aluminum in the past because of environmental concerns.

  2. The SD expansion supports up to UHS-II (Framework | SD Expansion Card) so it should be as fast if not faster than the microSD expansion which only supports up to UHD-I



On the marketplace listing Framework confirms that the aluminum card is made with “50% post-consumer-recycled aluminum” while the colored cards say “35% post-consumer-recycled plastic - Orange, Lavender, Green, Red”.


dang it, I completely missed this in the “specs” section! glad to see that it was documented!

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