Expansion Card Strength

How strong is the locking mechanism/rails for the expansion cards? I think I have seen the idea to mount a battery or dock across the laptop between two slots mentioned several times so far. This seems like an interesting idea but I want to make sure the extra strain on the slots would be ok, also if anybody has any thoughts on what a good way to mount on slots opposite each other is, I’m looking for ideas.

The cards feel very solidly locked in when they are fully-inserted (eg see Easiest way to remove expansion cards (Pictures included) for a sense of the force required to remove them).

I’d be concerned a bit, because the plastic clip from the locking mechanism is quite small/built-into the chassis. I’m not sure how easy it is to replace.

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The lock gets most of its strength because the expansion cards are not external, and won’t be subject to outward force.

Changing this could change the suitability of the locking mechanism.