External Display not working for BIOS/Grub2

Maybe I’m doing something odd and if so I’ll just live with it. However since setting up my 16 and using a Dock to connect it to all my peripherals (including an external display) I get no Bios output or Grub2 video from the machine during boot. The internal panel of course works perfectly with both but if I leave the lid closed the external display doesn’t work until the prompt for encryption password during a normal boot sequence. I have checked to see if there is a preferred display output option in the BIOS but I couldn’t find one. The other option I tried was manually forcing Grub at least to use the external display with “video=DP-10:D” in the options for Grub2 however that made the system unbootable. I am working with a Framework 16 and Dell WD19S dock. Once booted into the system everything works as expected without any issues.

Using a Dell WD19TB dock, and the external display works one time out of 2.
And usually, it only shows the when the kernel is already booted. Means I can’t go into the BIOS using the external screen (actually, never tried).