External monitor not connecting after upgrade to windows 11

My external monitor was working fine until I installed Windows 11.
Have tried all the usual. Any ideas please?

Hi @Daniel_Steward. May we ask if you have installed the latest BIOS 3.07 and drivers? Try updating the BIOS and drivers to see if that fixes the issue. You can download it through this link: Framework Laptop BIOS and Driver Releases

If this continues to be an issue for you, I would recommend submitting a ticket to our support team here: Framework | Support so they can ensure your laptop is performing as intended!

Thank you and stay safe!

My DisplayPort module failed recently. I first thought it was my monitor, or the cable. Could this be what has happened to you?

Thanks. Will try it out…

Thanks Stefan. I thought the same. But it was a bit of a coincidence with the installation of W11. Hopefully not this! Gonna try the BIOS trick.

Hooray. Updating the BIOS and drivers worked a treat.
Lovely laptop.