External Monitor Stopped Working

There are a number of similar posts on this issue but they didn’t address my issue or have a clear answer to the problem. I figured out the solution, so I thought I would contribute it to the community.

I have a secondary monitor connected to the Windows 11 Framework laptop with a DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable, which worked for about 2 week and then the laptop just stopped sending a signal down the cable. The drivers were all up-to-date and nothing in the operating system indicated what was causing the problem. Cable changes and testing on different computer determined that there wasn’t a hardware problem in the monitor or a cable problem.

  1. Following advice from Framework I uninstalled the display drivers using Device Manager.
  2. I rebooted the machine and reinstalled the drivers from the Framework web site
  3. This didn’t seem to solve the problem.
  4. I uninstalled the drivers again
  5. Rebooted the machine and checked Device Manager. The drivers were already back. I am guessing they didn’t get deleted after being uninstalled.
  6. Unplugged the monitor cable from the laptop
  7. Uninstalled the drivers and didn’t reboot.
  8. Plugged in the monitor cable back into the laptop. The monitor started working more or less instantly.
  9. Rebooted the computer and everything was back to normal and I confirmed with Settings that Windows was updated.

I don’t understand why not having the monitor plugged in, uninstalling the drivers, then plugging the monitor in all before rebooting resolved the issue. But that was the winning solution.

OS: Windows 11 Enterprise. All updates were applied.
Display adapter: Intel Iris Xe version
Secondary Monitor: LG 34WN780-B

“Uninstall” Process:

  1. Device Manager>Display adapters
  2. Right-click and select Uninstall Device
  3. Check “Attempt to remove the driver for this device”
  4. Click Uninstall

Updated with the driver version, equipment, and my uninstall process

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No that is the odd thing. This was all with the Framework driver which is reporting a date of 2021-08-06 according to Device Manager. The drivers were sourced from Framework driver bundle. The laptop stopped sending the video signal, I went through that process, and now it is sending the video signal. This was on a new laptop that was only a few weeks old.