Framework 11th Gen - Windows 11 HDMI or DP extension with extended monitor not working

Following are basic details

  • OS Edition: Windows 11 Pro

  • Version: 22H2

  • Installed on: ‎31/‎10/‎2022

  • OS build: 22621.1778

  • Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack: 1000.22642.1000.0

  • Framework laptop: 11th generation Framework laptop

  • BIOS Version/Date: INSYDE Corp. 03.17, 27/10/2022

  • Most of the times when I connect the extended monitor on HDMI port it does not work. However it gets detected on the display settings. Very rarely it is working in Windows-11. The moment I connect the HDMI (or DP) it just keep trying to recalibrate but it never finishes.

  • It should be problem with Windows-11 and not the hardware HDMI extension. As it works just fine in both Fedora and Ubuntu.

  • When I visit Intel® Driver & Support Assistant it says all the drivers are up to date I have already installed all the available ones.

Please let me know if any of you need any other information

Probably these is also related to the same issue

I’ll tell you exactly the same thing I said in the other post. Your best bet is to contact support.

Have you power-cycled the monitor after you connect it to make sure the problem is not the monitor not waking up properly? I have 22H2 on an 11th Gen i5 with the original HDMI adapter and I have to do this with one particular monitor I have. It did the same thing when I had Windows 10.

If you have tried it and that doesn’t help, I’d second contacting support as I have the same generation with the same version and release of Windows 11 and aside from the monitor needing the power toggle I mentioned above it works fine.

Sorry for the delayed reply, was moving.
Yes, I have tried power-cycle. But still does not work. Actually, it does not work on any of the OS(Fedora 38, Ubuntu 22.04 and Windows 11) as of now.

HDMI is fine.