External Monitors and Docking Station

I just got my FW16. Installed latest Ubuntu on it. Having an issue with my external monitors. I have a pair of Dell 27inch monitors connected via HDMI to a Dell WD19S docking station. One monitor via HDMI port. Second monitor via the USB-C display port to a HDMI adapter to the monitor. I know the FW16 can support 4 monitors including the laptop itself. However, in my case the laptop can’t see both external monitors at the same time.

Is this a known issue? Is there a fix? If I configure both monitors to use display port cables instead of HDMI, will it work?


I do have a company-issued Dell dock WD19DCS with two NEC PA241W 1920x1200 27" monitors for home office and both were working when briefly testing with my FW16 and the recommended Ubuntu 22.04, no dGPU. Those monitors are both connected with straight displayport cables.

Following this brief test, I did order another one of these docks (used) and am in the process of upgrading my personal workspace. Connecting an older HP 1600x1200 display using a displayport-to-DVI cable, it does work on either of the DP connectors of the dock. Haven’t yet come around to connect and test more monitors.

Found another straight displayport cable to connect the DELL U2410f. Does work, now I have the internal display plus 1920x1200 plus 1600x1200 externally, all at 60Hz.

Thanks @Ekkehard_F . However, I’m waiting for my DP cables to arrive from amazon and I’ll try them out. It looks like the issue isn’t related to the docking station though. Moving the third display from the docking station to a USB-C (to HDMI dongle) on the laptop I still can’t see the monitor. This is an Ubuntu issue.